A Brief Introduction to Pork Floss  

Pork Floss, what is it?

If you’re not acquainted with Pork Floss, you may say dry pork; I know it’s a little strange. Using sweet soy sauce, the pork is tenderized and melted in your mouth. In order to create a fluffy, dry product, the product is shredded and dried. Compared to pig cotton candy, it’s considerably more delicious. Pork sang, also known as Rou Song, is a flexible topping that can be sprinkled on or stuffed into almost anything.

Pork Floss has a Delicious Flavour

With its distinct blend of aromas and texture, pork floss is an excellent component for a variety of dishes. It’s full of umami flavor and has a carnitas-like stewed red beef flavor. But, as its name suggests, it dissolves like candy floss or a super-fragile mousse, unleashing all that concentrated, focused meatiness in your tongue with the slightest touch of wetness.


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Rousong is dried, shredded pork from Formosa Pork. This red meat floss, also known as beef fu, is often used to top congee, decorate savory pastries, or add to rice porridge as a garnish. As a result, Rufus and Rousong, or pork sang, were used for distinct purposes because of their varied textures. A Chinese cotton candy, this meat floss resembles coarse cotton and tastes like soy-saucy sweetened salty red meat, which is why it is sometimes called that. Alternatively, you may conceive of it as shredded meat.

Formosa pig floss is a common condiment and topping in Asian cuisine, and it can be identified by the red or blue labels on the packaging. Pork accounted for 0.63 kilograms in the product, which was made in the United States.

Congee or porridge, rice balls, eggs, and pastries are just some of the many ways to include them in your diet.

Pork, Sugar, Soy Flour, and Soy Sauce are the main ingredients ( water, wheat, soybeans, salt)

Pork Floss Uses

Sandwiches with Pork Flint

Clean as a whistle: a sandwich made with pork floss. Many Taiwanese remember their early years’ breakfasts as Asian snacks of thick white Asian bread covered with butter and beef floss. Red pork floss wrapped in crispy bread is a mouth-watering combination that should leave you unable to resist eating!

  • Take a square loaf of milk bread. Asian bakeries are a great place to find them. Milk bread is moister and chewier than our typical sandwich bread.
  • Persian cucumbers are a good choice. Make lengthy strips by snipping off the ends and chopping them into smaller pieces. Those can be put away for the time being.
  • Brown prepares the egg, heat some oil in a skillet, and fry one egg, spreading the yoke over evenly, forming it into a sandwich shape, flipping the egg when getting to and crispy, and seasoning it with salt. Set this aside now.
  • Now that our bread is warm and toasty, we can spread our favorite peanut butter and mayonnaise on the first slice and have a delicious breakfast sandwich.
  • I’m going to have some more toast. Place a layer of cucumber slices on top of the peanut butter toast, followed by an egg.
  • On top of that, add a layer of minced pork on top of the peanut butter mayo.
  • You should be able to turn it over onto the egg if you spread it equally on the mayonnaise.
  • Here is a morning sandwich à la Taiwanese.

Take a look at all of those vibrant tiers. Taiwanese food is known for its pleasurable chewing experiences, and this sandwich delivers on that promise.

Spring Rolls with Pork Floss

Prepare the following ingredients: Pork floss, Lumpia Wrapper, and Eggs..

Make certain you get a brand new Lumpia wrapper.


  • Remove the lumpia wrappers from one another.
  • Using scissors, cut the lumpia wrapper into a square form.
  • Begin by preparing all of the ingredients.
  • The wrapper should be placed on a level surface.
  • Add a little pork floss to it. ‘
  • Pork floss should be flattened.
  • Wrap and fold the wrapper’s sides.
  • Tightly wrap it up to the very end
  • Brush the sticky egg on the edges of the end to secure it.
  • In order to make as many spring rolls as possible, repeat this procedure with each wrapper.


  • To begin, add a little amount of oil to the saucepan and bring it to a boil.
  • One at a time, add the spring rolls.
  • Cook for 2-3 minutes on each side, or until golden brown.
  • The spring rolls should be checked out in stages.
  • The reverse side of the spring roll should be fried in the same manner as the first.
  • Drain the extra oil once the dish has been cooked.
  • A spicy sauce or any flavour you choose may be added to this dish.

Enjoy the crispness of the spring rolls made with pork floss.

Types of Pork Floss

Pork sang and pig fu are the two most common forms of pork floss.

There are two ways to make sung fu: by marinating pork or beef in a soy sauce-and-sugar mixture that breaks down collagen, then pounding and drying it in a steam oven. Beef sang is softer and more tender than pork fu.


Rice porridge is the most typical way to eat it. There are also more ways to eat it: baked into buns, wrapped in rice noodles, sushi rice, or simply mixed with hot rice. Baked buns (simple and paired with mayonnaise). In non-Chinese meals, such as spaghetti and meat sauce, you may also use it.

Pork floss is a versatile ingredient that may be used in a variety of dishes.

Please let me know if my article about pork floss helped you in any way.

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