Look Closely At These Crime Scene Kitchen Contestants or Detectives!

“Detectives” was added in the title because anyone acquainted with the “Crime Scene Kitchen” will know why. There are some newbies out there who don’t know that this reality program is all about baking. However, hold on a second! What are the investigators doing in the parking lot? Yeah! I think this is what sets this program apart from the others. In the crime scene kitchen contestants must thus be both cooks and investigators at the same time!

Crime Scene Kitchen Contestants
Crime Scene Kitchen Contestants

There are generally some traces of flour, crumbs, or other intriguing hints left behind in the kitchen as a part of the game. When it comes to the crime scene kitchen contestants have to find out what kind of dessert was served at the murder site before going back into the kitchen to reproduce it.

Joel McHale, one of the entertainment industry’s most sought-after comedians and performers, is the host of this popular reality show. Curtis Stone, a well-known chef, and Yolanda Gampp, a well-known YouTube baker, will serve as judges.

Who Were the Crime Scene Kitchen Contestants?

Group A and Group B were formed for the Crime Scene Kitchen Contestants. Six teams make up each group. As a result, there were a total of 24 participants.

The following is a comprehensive list of some of the most well-known sports teams in the world:

Carolyn and Caroline

As a mother and daughter duo, Carolyn and Caroline’s performance in the Crime Scene Kitchen was a hit with the crowd. A great relationship developed between them throughout their appearances on the show. In the kitchen where the “crime” took place, they were able to lead the way since they had previously cooked together and had a strong sense of smell. Unfortunately, they were eliminated from the competition early on, but they still left a major impact on the audience.

The mother, Carolyn Tunon, works as a baker in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale region at Baked305. In Fort Lauderdale, Caroline Schmidt is an administrator at Dynamic Wellness.

Rebecca and Jean

In the crime scene kitchen, the mother-daughter team competed once again. Peggy Jean’s Pies in Columbia is owned by Rebecca Miller and her mother, Jeanne Plumley. They were asked to participate in the Crime Scene Kitchen contestants after passing a baking quiz and a series of virtual calls. Chefs from across the world were battling it out in the kitchen to reproduce the delicacies they had seen in the past. When asked whether the outbreak had affected their company, Miller responded that it had not. Despite Miller’s reluctance to leave their company for an unknown period of time, they couldn’t pass up this once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Cathy and Thomas 

Mother and son make a great team. From the beginning, they didn’t give a second thought to the substantial sum of $100,000—they just wanted to spend time together and do their best. Dakota Nursing Program coordinator Cathy Jacobson departed from Lake Region State College in Devils Lake, and her son is the pastry chef who now resides in Vermont. In the crime scene kitchen competition, they made it to the final round of voting.

As a cast members, the two spent five weeks in Glendale, California. Even though they didn’t obtain the award, they still consider their time together precious.

Luis & Natalie 

This Palmerton crime scene kitchen crew was declared the winners and received $100,000 at the end of the competition.

In the final showstopper round, a birthday cake was created for judge Yolanda Gampp. As long as they followed the recipe to a tee, the teams were allowed to come up with their own desserts instead of slavishly copying an existing one. Luis and Natalie won the hearts of the judges with a multi-tiered cake covered in pink fondant.

Natalie says she was startled when she learned of her team’s success.

Check out the full list of crime scene kitchen contestants:  

Carolyn & CarolineMother and Daughter
Nathan & Anthony              Best friends
Jay & Thuy-Linh        Culinary School Friends
Rebecca and JeanMother and Daughter
Shania & Hope Best Friends
Cory & Donte    Best friends
Erinn & Amanda Military Veterans
Lorie & JasonHusband and Wife
Leslie and EmmaMother
Cathy & Thomas  Mother and Son
Luis & Natalie Friends
Natasha & Anthony Friends
Crime Scene Kitchen Contestants
Crime Scene Kitchen Contestants

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2

During the show’s inaugural season finale on July 21, the show’s first winner was announced and celebrated. Since the series finale aired, viewers have been impatiently awaiting word on whether or not the programme would be revived.

Is There Going to be a Season 2 of Crime Scene Kitchen?

Possibly. As of right now, it’s unclear whether FOX will renew its baking competition series for a second season.

Given how successfully the programme worked with MasterChef: Legends this summer, it’s safe to think FOX would want to attempt to duplicate that success next year.

It’s been reported by Deadline that FOX is seriously exploring a second season of the show, although that hasn’t been decided yet.

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